Social Sciences: Achievements and Prospects Journal

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No 7 (2018)
Published October 4, 2018
Social Sciences: Achievements and Prospects Journal

Publication information: Social Sciences: Achievements and Prospects Journal (ISBN: 9781723928093).
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Social Sciences: Achievements and Prospects is a major international forum for the analysis and debate of trends and approaches in social science research. The journal provides a space for innovative theoretical as well as empirical contributions to issues that transcend the framework of the traditional disciplines. Given its international orientation, contributions of a comparative or cross-cultural nature are particularly welcome. Social Sciences: Achievements and Prospects aims to contribute to overcoming fragmentation and over-specialization in current social-science research. Comprehensive and original contributions will tend to be of a tentative nature, trying out new avenues on terrains that are far from being well known. The journal welcomes trend reports on intellectually stimulating new developments to make them more widely known and to offer a space to assess their significance in answering key questions of scholarship in our time.

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