Resource-saving technologies in rice processing industry
Ruslan Ramazanovich Dzhamirze
Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution All-Russian Rice Research Institute
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rice straw; husk; utilization; products of processing; amorphous silica

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Dzhamirze, R. (2019). Resource-saving technologies in rice processing industry. FUNDAMENTAL AND APPLIED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, (September), 9-15. Retrieved from
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Waste from rice production: straw, husk, bran - are a source of obtaining vital and necessary products from them. This is a complex of organic and inorganic compounds: polysaccharides, furfurals, cancer cell inhibitors, cellulose, amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2). The article provides information on possible environmental pollution during the burning of crop residues of grain crops, as well as alternative ways for their use in the national economy.

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