International Journal of Educational and Scientific Research

Current Issue

Vol 2 No 1 (2018)
Published June 9, 2018
International Journal of Educational and Scientific Research

International Journal of Educational and Scientific Research


Nafosat Sattor qizi Qurbonova, Behruz Boʻron oʻgʻli Toshbadalov, Robiya Abdujabbor qizi Mustafayeva, Doston Bahrom oʻgʻli Sherimbetov
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Torrey Trust
Screen Time, Laptop Bans, and the Fears that Shape the Use of Technology for Learning
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Amy C. O’Neill, Valerie A. Kuhlmeier, Wendy M. Craig
Examining the association between parenting and psychosomatic problems:: self-esteem as a mediator across ages in early adolescence
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The International Journal of Educational and Scientific Research publishes scientific manuscripts in the field of education. The work should be of high quality and contextual, which, in the opinion of the Editorial Board, is of interest to international readers. The goals and objectives of the journal are as follows:
• Providing a journal that reports research on topics of international importance in educational contexts
• Publication of high-quality manuscripts of international importance in terms of research and / or conclusions
• Encourage collaboration with international groups of researchers who create special studies on these topics.

What could be articles / special questions?

Proposals for special issues and individual documents may be submitted on any modern educational topic of international interest. Reports on high-quality educational research involving any discipline and methodology are welcome. However, the purpose and scope of the journal is to ensure that it publishes high-quality research that could potentially communicate research, policy and practice outside the context in which the original work is conducted.

The studies presented should not be comparative (in the sense of comparing aspects of education in different countries or cultures); The paper may report research conducted only in one place or in a cultural environment. Work can be carried out within any context or research paradigm. However, the journal tends to publish empirical research that is clearly relevant to an international audience. Therefore, the work should have the following functions:
• Strong theoretical foundation
• Clear understanding of critical literature on the subject
• Strong research base and analysis
• Critical analysis and recommendations for further research, policy and practice in the international context

We will also welcome reports that report the results of empirical research, documents that provide critical reviews of literature on specific educational topics of international interest.

Types of publication

The International Journal of Educational and Scientific Research regularly publishes articles and special questions on specific topics of interest to an international audience of educational researchers.

How are manuscripts evaluated?

Documents (including on special issues) are subject to a peer review process using an international team of researchers who are experts in their respective fields. The reviewer is asked to assess the quality of the research, as well as the relevance and accessibility of the document to an international audience. The journal uses a double-blind review, that is, any reviewers can identify the author (s) of the manuscript.